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What is a Virtual Escape Room?

Similar to a physical escape room, our Virtual Escape Room is an online game that replicates real-life safe locks and puzzles all on a single virtual platform. You have to look for clues and find hidden objects to try to unlock these different locks. By unlocking these locks, you will then be able to reach the end goal - find the hidden items!

How is your Virtual Escape Room conducted?

Being a 100% remote online experience, our Virtual Escape Room is conducted online over a video conferencing platform. Participants will get the exclusive link to access our Virtual Escape Room and teams can discuss their tactics through Zoom/ MS Teams/ Webex. Not to worry as our friendly facilitator will be hosting the web conferencing session to guide your team throughout the game!

How do I book a Virtual Escape Room session?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Gather your team and email us to let us know the total number of pax you are looking at, and specify your preferred date and time slot
  2. Our friendly facilitators will get back to you as soon as possible with our availability and the official quotation
  3. After the quotation is endorsed, we will send over the invoice with the payment details for deposit to be made
  4. After confirmation, the meeting details will be sent to you 1-3 days before the event date

How do I start my Virtual Escape Room game?

After confirming a game with us, we will be sending the meeting link to the POC 1-3 days before the event day (do disseminate the link to your team mates!). On the day itself, log on to Zoom 5 minutes before the scheduled start time so that we can begin on time. Our friendly facilitator will be in the Zoom meeting to do a mass briefing and provide you with the instructions before you are split into your respective breakout rooms. A separate link will be provided for you to access the Virtual Escape Room. Participants have 1.5 hours to complete the mission room.

How many people can join a Virtual Escape Room session?

We require a minimum of 4 pax to form a team and start a game, and can host up to hundreds of pax in a single session. For larger groups, they will be split into different teams to work on the Virtual Escape Room separately. We typically recommend 6-9 pax per team for the best experience!

Who can play this game?

We recommend players ages 14 and above to join us in our Virtual Escape Room sessions. Regardless of whether you are friends, family or colleagues, anyone is welcomed to join us! For the younger ones, do drop us an email so that we can come up with a customised game for you!

What if I have participants from other countries?

Fret not, as our game can be conducted regardless of which country you are dialing in from! As long as you let us know the timeslot in SGT, we will make the necessary arrangements for you and your team.

Are there any prizes for completing the game?

To spice up your event, we can provide prizes for the winning team at an additional cost. Prizes could include items such as customised corporate gifts, hampers or even e-vouchers!

How long is a Virtual Escape Room game?

For our Virtual Escape Rooms, each game is typically around 1.5 hours. Most of our past participants are able to complete the game within the time limit. If you are looking at a shorter version of the game, you can consider our latest The Prison Breaker Escape Room, which is specially designed to be 1 hour long!